Tube Laser Services

Boydstun Mazak Flier 2

Boydstun offers production and custom/architectural structural laser cutting on our new Mazak FG 220 Mark II 4000 watt tube laser. Boydstun’s new Mazak 3D high precision 6-axis laser is currently a one-of-a-kind machine on the West Coast, offering faster processing times and tighter tolerances. We can handle 26-foot long raw material and can complete a finished part just as long.

Our machine's six position tapping capability allows you to complete a finished part without a second process. We can process steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our machine will handle 6x6" square tube, 6x4" rectangle tube and 8.6" round tubing & pipe with up to a 1/2" wall thickness. We also process most structural shapes from I-Beam to channel as well as custom made shapes.