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Price: $85,000
Details: 2017 Boydstun 9107-44 QL, Bridgestone 22.5″ tires, Boydstun LED trailer light package with Deutsch connectors, 1/4″ aluminum decking, aluminum floor from front to trailer tandems, Boydstun Rapid Ratchet™ system

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Quantity: 1
Trailer Info:
Year 2017
Manufacturer: Boydstun
Model: 9107-44 QL
Condition: Used
Color: Dark Rich Blue Metallic
Mileage: 220,000
Load Size: 7
Sliding Fifth Wheel:: Yes
Boydstun Rapid Ratchet™ System: Yes
Winter Package: No
Lights: Boydstun LED trailer marker light package w/maintenance access and Deutsch connectors (qty. 37). LED trailer load light package
Air Scale Gauges: Mounted on trailer
Trailer axles: Ridewell 22.5″ axles
Tires: Bridgestone 255/70R – 22.5″
Hydraulic system: Set up for electric and PTO
Aluminum Ramps: 1/4″ formed
Aluminum Floor: Front to tandems
Extend/dump valves: Yes (overlift and dump for trailer suspension)