• 8811 SE Herbert Ct. Clackamas, OR 97015-9621

Price: $230,000
Details: 2017 Boydstun 9107-44 QL, Bridgestone 22.5″ tires, Boydstun LED truck and trailer light package with Deutsch connectors, 1/4″ aluminum decking, aluminum floor from front to trailer tandems, Boydstun Rapid Ratchet™ system, polished stainless steel rock guards

Trailer Info:
Model:9107-44 QL
Load Size:10
Tie Downs:Boydstun soft-tie straps
Holland Sliding Fifth Wheel:Yes
Boydstun Rapid Ratchet™ System:Yes
Winter Package:No
Lights:Boydstun LED truck and trailer marker light package w/maintenance access and Deutsch connectors (qty. 79)
Air Scale Gauges:Mounted on trailer
Aluminum Floors:front to tandems
Trailer Axles:Ridewell 22.5″
Tires:Bridgestone 255/70R – 22.5″
Hydraulic System:Dual hydraulic power supply – PTO and electric motor with pump
Aluminum Ramps:1/4″ formed
Truck Info:
Truck Build Up Model:2017 3-car Boydstun cylinder soft tie buildup
Truck Make and Model:Peterbilt 389
Sleeper Size:48″
Rim/Wheel Package:22.5 Accuride Polished aluminum
Air Scale Gauges:mounted on truck body
Other:Hidden DEF Tank and Battery Storage
Other:LED Backup Lights
Other:Additional lights under sleeper and cab doors for better illumination
Other:Rerouted exhaust out to driver’s side to eliminate overheating rear ends, brakes and tires
Other:Polished vertical height stick and tie-down bar storage closet, polished removeable aluminum ladder, Boydstun polished stainless steel rock guards, polished aluminum wheels, polished cylinders, 1-1/4″ stainless light trim rings
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