• 8811 SE Herbert Ct. Clackamas, OR 97015-9621

Price: $240,000
Details: 2018 Cottrell Quickloader, 2018 Peterbilt truck, 140,000 miles, 261 wheel base, 500k extended warranty on truck, delivery anywhere in the US is available, your choice of drive tires at point of sale

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Quantity: 1
Trailer Info:
Year: 2018
Manufacturer: Cottrell
Model: Quick loader
Condition: Used
Color: Maroon
Load Size: 9
Boydstun Rapid Ratchet™ System: No
Winter Package: No
Truck Info:
Truck Make and Model: 2018 Peterbilt
Sleeper Size: 42″
Wheelbase: 261
Other: 510hp Paccar engine, 13-speed
Other: Slide and lift behind the sleeper
Other: American class interior. Big air cleaners
Other: Slide on No. 2 position
Other: Steers and Trailer tires at 90%