New Year, New Units

Introducing Boydstun’s 2016 auto transport equipment lineup

9106 EZ-6 vehicle heavy haul E-Z loader production trailer 

Product Description

  • Production trailer for rail and factory sites — optional 300 mile delivery
  • Designed to handle large vehicles — pickup option available
  • Works well for training applications with limited hydraulics
  • Meets all new car requirements

9107 (formerly the 1901) 7 Car Quickloader production trailer

Product Description

  • 7 mid-sized vehicles
  • This trailer is very versatile at mixing cars/trucks/SUV’s
  • Lightest trailer in its class, comes with a removable 8A (shotgun deck). This allows you to reduce the trailer’s weight by another 500 lbs, and improve drive thru for larger vehicles on bottom decks if trailer has to move to a site with larger vehicles.
  • Meets all new car requirements

9178 HS — High side stack trailer load maximizer

Product Description

  • Designed for extreme versatility of mixed vehicles: cars, SUV’s, pickups
  • Operator can set up for short distance moves, but it is unmatched in its class for maximizing load mix that move longer than 300 miles.
  • P.O.V option: This trailer/head rack combination can be ordered with our chain/strap tie down option
  • Meets all new car requirements