Boydstun’s 9107-46 QL


Product Details

Boydstun’s new 9107 trailer was designed using the input from the users of our previous 9107 trailer. We worked with users in every major market, who helped to identify design criteria that would make the biggest impact on our new, longer, 9107.

Our goal:

• Using their input, our goal in redesigning the 9107 was to take advantage of the extra length allowed to increase load factor while improving ease of use, and make sure that we offset any potential weight increase that could be caused by the added length.

The Results:

Improved Deck design – every deck/position has been evaluated. Some were only changed by length and/or winch locations, such as Pos. 9. A few were completely redesigned to improve functionality. (See: newly redesigned 8A position, new #3, #7 and new belly design)
Smoother hydraulic functionality – Boydstun eliminated all double handle controls
Improved door openings – Vehicles loaded in the belly now have more room to open doors with our new 8A design and hydraulic valve bank relocation
New frame design – Boydstun has eliminated all fabricated tubing frame rails (45 KSI material) and replaced them with formed, one-piece Strenx 900 frame rails (130 KSI material). This provides increased strength, lighter weight, and better access to hydraulic hoses, air lines, electrical harnesses, and marker lights should you need to perform maintenance. Boydstun's formed Strenx frame rails have drain holes every 24" and are accessible for Boydstun to paint and accessible for the customer to pressure wash out debris. With the inability for moisture and debris for collect, Boydstun's formed and painted frame rails have a better chance at a much longer life.
Bendix disc brakes are now standard
Blue Tork for torquing suspension – With help from Ingersoll, Boydstun developed a torque spec and tool access to allow our suspensions to be torqued with a Blue Tork tool. These tools are used at every GCR tire center, so when you have your wheels checked, you can now check the torque of your suspension. This will increase the life of your bushings and your tires and will help you comply with manufacturers standards.

Boydstun's New 8A