Boydstun’s 9107-46-QL

Boydstun Loaded Auto Transport Unit/Car Hauler

Product Details

When this trailer debuted in the fall of 2014, we were told we would not sell many of these because seven-car stinger trailers are too heavy. Because of this, bigger units would also be a problem on a seven-car trailer and weight balance would be a big concern. We have found a way to conquer both of these issues.

Boydstun engineering, along with customer and user collaboration should be given credit for the constant improvement that has made this prove that you can easily haul seven vehicles or six large vehicles without weight limits and make these loads balanced as well. (See more in our loaded pics section)

Boydstun’s 9107 also has a removable 10th car position – making it even lighter – if what you need is a very versatile six-car unit. Need it reinstalled? This can easily be done if your requirements change.

This trailer couples well with our three-car head rack and comes standard with Boydstun’s new Rapid Ratchet™ system*. Winter packages are also available.

*Includes a Holland two-foot sliding greaseless 5th wheel

Additional Details

  • The trailer features an additional foot in the tail and belly sections. 
  • Front extensions are tapered to avoid collisions with rock guards.
  • The #4 deck is a foot longer. The #5 deck is designed the same as our EZ load trailers, heavy duty construction applied to handle longer overhang in accordance with updated laws.
  • The #8 extension has been extended from 18-inches to five feet to allow belly vehicles to be moved in deeper towards the tongue. With the #7 moving up straighter, more of the belly is usable. This is all done with aluminum and becomes part of the floor. 
  • With the #7 moving up straighter, more of the belly is usable. This is all done with the aluminum and becomes part of the floor.
  • Our load skid boxes are now manufactured with our “truck hauler” design to help handle larger units that will now be on the #9 position.
  • Our frame rails have switched from a tube design to a Strenx 900 (130 KSI) formed design, much like our new EZ load design. This improves strength, lowers weight and improves accessibility to hydraulic hoses, air hoses and the electrical harness. The frame rails feature evenly spaced drain holes and all hoses are secured to the bottom of the frame to prevent chaffing while driving down the road. Winter packages are smaller due to this.