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Boydstun’s New 8A

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Boydstun’s New 8A

The new 8A position (shotgun deck) over tandems improves the range of the motion and ease of use.

With today’s vehicle load mixes, 7 cars on a stinger trailer is not always achievable. To accomplish a 7-car load on a stinger trailer, the trailer, head rack and truck combination needs to be light enough to haul 9, 10 and 11-car combos. Also, your combination needs to be capable of balancing the weight of your load between truck and trailer axles and have a range of motion to achieve height restrictions.

Your design needs to be able to achieve height, gross weight, axle weight, turn room, front and rear overhang restrictions, and do all of this easy enough that drivers feel comfortable enough to achieve these loads without incurring damage and do it in a reasonable time frame.

Today, if a trailer manufacturer chooses to add “bonus” decks like the 8A – that may only be used 25-40% of the time – these decks need to be very flexible, easy to use and light weight. But more importantly, these bonus decks cannot limit or reduce the trailer’s capability when hauling other mixed loads.

Boydstun’s new 8A accomplishes this:
  • It’s there when you need it
  • It’s easy to use – designed by users
  • It’s extremely flexible
  • It won’t get in your way when you’re not using it! It’s the bonus deck that won’t penalize you!