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Flat Laser Cutting Services

Understanding Flat Laser Cutting Services

Flat laser cutting uses a thermal cutting process to cut sheet metal. A focused laser beam meets the sheet metal and melts it. Our cutting system is well suited for processing thin to thick sheet metal. As the workhorse of metal fabrication, next-generation flat lasers produce excellent edge quality and allow for better process control. 

Precise Part Fabrication

Does your project need large quantities of accurately finished parts? Flat sheet laser cutting is the answer. With flat laser cutting services, Boydstun can cut large quantities of parts quickly and precisely. Because flat laser cutting accommodates tight tolerances in a variety of sheet metals we can produce optimal cutting plans. 

Boydstun’s Custom Flat Laser Cutting

Our new Bystar fiber laser is the perfect machine to handle any project or need for your project. With up to 15 kilowatts of laser power and an unbeatable speed advantage, the Bystar is in a class of its own. 

Flat Sheet Laser Capacity

With the ability to cut a sheet of mild steel as big as 83×162” and up to 1” thick (1.18” thick for stainless steel and aluminum), our flat laser cutting process offers more application variety. 

Flat Sheet Laser Speed

The fiber laser is the most efficient way to laser cut, combining remarkable speed and accuracy to provide you with a high-quality processed part. And with the provided table size, large batches of parts can be cut and processed quickly, making high volume jobs easier to turn around and get back to the customer.

Small Job Precision

The ByStar also excels with smaller jobs. With the ability to cut the thinnest of gauges, no matter the size of the part, the quantity, or the tolerance allowed, you will get a precise part every single time.


Because of its speed and the elimination of tooling rework, the ByStar saves time and money for the customer. It is the optimal machine for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Need a formed part? Boydstun offers press brake services as well to ensure you’re getting a fully completed part.

Materials Boydstun Processes

  • Mild steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel

Inquire for other material types

Why Choose Boydstun for Flat Laser Cutting 

At Boydstun, we are dedicated to providing superior flat laser services and fast turnaround times. Our experienced operators provide high-quality flat laser services in Oregon and the surrounding states. 

The key to our success in flat laser cutting is our ByStar fiber laser cutting system. Both our fiber laser and tube laser capabilities allow us to process more parts and more variety for our customers. The ByStar flat laser software processes STP files (preferred) and DXF files.

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