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Boydstun 2024 Truck Modifications

Truck Modifications

Boydstun is a full truck modification center. Customizations include cab/sleeper roof lowering, cab drop and chassis enhancements. We understand if you prefer to have it done elsewhere, but in order to minimize possible schedule delays, we can get it done in-house in order to keep your truck moving through the building process. Check out our 2024 Trucks page under the PRODUCTS drop down menu.

Boydstun is giving the customers more options when it comes to truck make and model. Browse through our truck modification page and get the information you need when choosing between the leading brands such as Western Star, Kenworth and Peterbilt. By doing all the modifications in house you can have peace of mind that your truck is perfectly spec’d for a stinger-steer, headrack and trailer.

Air weight gauges spec’d in dash:

Boydstun Equipment Manufacturing installs air weight gauges standard on our head racks and trailers, giving you the ability to determine if the weight of your load exceeds 34,000 lbs. on the drive axles and trailer axles. Boydstun also spec’s two additional gauges in the dash of all “Boydstun spec’d trucks” (drive axles and trailer axles) to allow you to see the same results in the cab of your truck. This is beneficial to see the impact of using Boydstun’s sliding 5th wheel, which can change weight distribution. It will also measure weight impacts caused by fuel burned off, or added, or snow and ice buildup – all without leaving the comfort of your cab.


Boydstun now offers the TIREMAAX® system on all units. Installed into the bulkhead portion of the unit and designed to address issues your trailer may encounter through changing environments, the TIREMAAX® system will maximize your tires’ tread life by continuously monitoring the pressure and inflating or relieving pressure as needed to keep each wheel position balanced as your travel.

The system constantly pressurizes and equalizes tires as you travel with the use of internal axle hoses braided with stainless steel for added durability and a patented ventilation system that prevents wheel-end contamination. The pressure levels are pre-set, which means the system will recognize any changes to the tire pressure and direct air towards it automatically. If a tire is over inflated, the system will relieve air from the tire until it reaches the pre-set pressure level.

This produces savings from increased fuel mileage, reduced tire maintenance/replacement costs and tire failure prevention.

Boydstun moves to marine grade wire for electrical harnesses

Boydstun now uses corrosion resistant tinned copper wire for its electrical applications. The wiring is specifically designed for marine applications, which means it is resistant rust and corrosion when it comes into contact with moisture. The tinned copper stranding is extremely flexible and it’s PVC insulation makes it highly resistant to water, oil, and grease. Additionally, the thicker cover makes the wire more durable, so it’ll stand up to more wear and tear over time.

Adjustable Light Bars on Position 5

Boydstun designed this light bar for the overhang rules in the United States that allow for six feet of overhang off the rear and 4 feet of overhang off the front of an 80-foot stinger-steer car hauler. With the need for improved lighting on the rear of a car hauler, this improvement is applicable in all states and is standard on all of our trailers.

See a video of the complete light package here

Boydstun has released its “On Demand Hydraulic System”:

This hydraulic system uses Curtiss-Wright valves and eliminates the constant flow of oil through the headrack and trailer valve system when using your PTO. With cylinder sizes increasing to lift heavier loads, deck speeds have been reduced. This leads to increased load and unload times. Additionally, with a traditional PTO hydraulic system, it becomes less efficient and operates slower in warmer temperatures as the oil gets hot. Boydstun’s “On Demand Hydraulic System” reduces heat buildup and increases speed.


  • Reduces hydraulic oil heat buildup.
  • Increases cylinder/deck speed by 85% over the existing systems but does not eliminate the operator’s ability to meter hydraulic flow for fine/slow control.

Securement Points Built Into Crossbars

Boydstun has introduced automated equipment to the auto transportation manufacturing process that allows us to add value to every part. With soft tie/strap tie downs used for vehicle securement, providing places to secure to can become challenging. Our equipment (see here) adds securement points in crossbars that were not possible before.

Boydstun’s rock guard design

Boydstun’s rock guard design combines a sleek, modern look with a practical installation. The design pushes the face of the rock guard further in and it’s stabilized via a support bracket on the back side. Now your stainless-steel rock guards have less of a chance of connecting with the trailer on a sharp turn while providing better protection to the front of the trailer.

Vertical Height Stick and Tie Down Storage

The industry has long taken advantage of using horizontal cross members to store height sticks and tie down bars so as to avoid pulling them out of the cab or sleeper storage. This worked, but over time road wear would add wear and tear to the height stick. The horizontal storage was also an issue when parked close to another truck, making it difficult at times to remove your height stick. What Boydstun has done has made our new vertical height stick and tie down bar storage standard on all Boydstun equipment. In addition to its appealing design, it is easy to access, lessens the potential for wear to your height stick and has a built in lock so you won’t have to worry about padlocks.

jost JSK37U series 5th Wheel Now Standard

JOST JSK37U series, greaseless fifth wheel comes standard on all Boydstun units. With a load capacity of 55,000 lbs. and a pull capacity of 150,000 lbs., the JOST fifth wheel can effectively handle any legal load with ease. Thanks to their 3-point locking system and replaceable cushion ring, you have minimal parts that are easily accessible and affordable for a lifetime of ownership. The design provides a smoother, more fluid ride and maintains a constant steer effort to reduce wear and tear. JOST anti-high coupling lungs prevent drivers from high coupling by either guiding the kingpin into the jaws or pushing it up and over for a clear indication when the fifth wheel is coupled. 

Please see the informational bulletin on keeping your fifth wheel properly maintained here

Cambered Crossbars

Boydstun cambers all crossbars on its equipment. This increases strength in the deck and contours vehicles on the top decks to the vehicles on lower decks, giving you better vehicle nesting that allows you to get your load to legal height.

Strap Storage Bin Located in Stinger

Boydstun has provided additional space for strap storage that is easy to get to without adding storage boxes or weight.