Kansas City Peterbilt

Boydstun Introduces The Kansas City Peterbilt – A First Class Quality Unit With Custom Options

This truck is well thought out, incorporating Peterbilt’s top of the line interiors and exteriors with customization by Kansas City Peterbilt and Boydstun Equipment Manufacturing. This truck and trailer combination will be available exclusively through Boydstun Equipment Manufacturing.

Our "Kansas City Peterbilt" collaboration introduces a beautiful, but functional Peterbilt 389 that pays close attention to chassis layout, interiors, dash layout and better functioning controls for your carhauling equipment.

We have also added a customization package for fleets, owner operators, and for those that “brand” their company on appearance, strive for quality and are dedicated to driver retention.

Three-Car Head Rack

This “Kansas City Pete" is offered with Boydstun’s “Driver Designed” three-car head rack and is coupled with Boydstun’s 9107 seven-car trailer, or 9106-48-EZ, or 9106-44-EZ Load trailer. These combinations are both the lightest in their class and also incorporate all of Boydstun’s latest offerings.

Sleeper Options

The “Kansas City Pete" is equipped with three sleeper options (36", 48", 63") with Boydstun's sleeper and cab modification to 99” on both the 36” and 48” sleepers. Boydstun also offers a “sleeper only” modification on both the 36” and 48” sleepers — lowering the sleeper height down to the same height as the factory cab.

This is both functional for taller drivers and also is a compromise for fleets and owner operators who do not want to lose the style and appearance of a stock 389 Pete. It lowers the overall height to 103”.

Wheelbase Options

The “Kansas City Pete"/Boydstun chassis is offered with several wheelbases depending on your application. It comes standard with a 261" wheelbase. Boydstun’s head rack/trailer weight advantage allows you to run a longer wheelbase for both increased cargo capacity and increased sleeper size, if needed. Also standard on the “Kansas City Pete" is our combined DEF and battery storage.

This gets rid of the unsightly DEF tank — hiding it under a beautiful storage box that also stores the batteries. This not only makes the truck symmetrical with both sides using the same storage box (RH for your SCR, LH for DEF and batteries), but it moves the components closer together, creating more room to move both fuel tanks and the fuel/hydraulic tank combo behind the cab and away from the areas used to haul vehicles.

Front Axle Weight Superiority

Boydstun is often compared to its competitors but we do not struggle with front axle weight issues, which allows us to move more weight forward without a penalty. This also gives operators more latitude with engines and component options that sit over the front axle.

Interior Features

The “Kansas City Pete" has a beautiful interior and dash that comes standard. The dash is laid out in a manner to allow the driver to read gauges to the right (rear of the truck) and to the left (engine functions). It has also added functional “air weight” gauges in the dash.

The driver still has truck and trailer exterior gauges that they use while loading. The interior gauges allow them the ability to monitor weight changes due to fuel consumption or changing the position of Boydstun’s two-foot Holland sliding 5th wheel. Boydstun has made truck and trailer overlift standard on all trucks and all are operational from the dash.

The “Kansas City Pete" also comes with the six-way, top of the line black leather Sears seats and Peterbilt’s top interior.

Exterior Options

The 389 Pete has a BBS dimension (depending on the sleeper) of 159” (36” sleeper), 171" (48”), and 186" (63”). It mounts the sleeper shocks on the back of the sleepers. This adds 3-½" of BBS. The "Kansas City Pete" has relocated these under the sleeper, leaving a smooth back of the sleeper — giving you an additional 3-½" for cargo.

$10,000 + FET

For those who want to take the appearance of their $300,000 asset to a higher level, the “Kansas City Pete" (exclusively through Boydstun Equipment) is also available with a custom appearance package.

This includes:

• Custom 6" drop panels/fuller panels with or without LED lights

• Custom light bars under doors (Boydstun)

• Air cleaner lights – yellow in front red in rear

• Any bumper

• Any visor

• Hub and lug nut covers

• Painted hubs, back of bumper, back of visor

• Aluminum polished hood bezel and grill, tanks, steps, height bar storage door, ladders

• All wheels touched up

• Truck detailed and waxed

The possibilities are endless...

The Kansas City 389 Peterbilt is beautiful, functional and you will not have any trouble finding the best drivers who want to drive and operate it. With the options currently available only on this "Kansas City Pete" coupled with Boydstun's three-car head rack and 9107, or 9106-48-EZ Load, or 9106-44-EZ Load, you will not find a better value for your return on investment.