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Boydstun Auto Haulers & Accessories

At Boydstun, we specialize in revolutionary car haulers that are built with the operator in mind – and are intended to integrate maximum performance, incredible hauling capacity, and user-friendly design. All of our applications are engineered specifically for Boydstun trailers to maximize efficiency and keep you on the road.

With our unmatched versatility we offer the Stinger-Steer car hauler line with an On-Demand Hydraulic System and our High-Mount Car Hauler line available with standard PTO and/or electric hydraulic system.   All trailers include our leading-edge Rapid Ratchet™ system and our Truck Hauler Package. Discover which trailer is right for you.

our Auto Haulers

Boydstun 9107-46 QL

Boydstun’s 9107-46 trailer

Built for hauling big loads, Boydstun’s 9107-46 trailer was built with user input. Our improved trailer design increases ease of use and functionality while keeping everything under 13’6″ height needed in the Eastern part of the country and Oklahoma. We used HSLA material frame rail to reduce the overall weight while increasing length.

Boydstun 9106-44 EZ

Boydstun’s 9106-44 EZ 76-foot trailer

Designed for a 6 car load, Boydstun’s 9106-44 EZ 76-foot trailer is made for day cab applications that do multiple deliveries in metropolitan and high traffic situations. Our 9106-44 EZ has all the innovations of the 9106-48 EZ without the added length. Innovative hydraulics aid in smoother and faster transitions when loading and unloading.

Boydstun 9106-48 EZ

Boydstun’s 9106-48 EZ 80-foot unit

Boydstun’s 9106-48 EZ 80-foot unit is designed with a sleeper cab in mind. We’ve added five more feet in length, allowing for a 7th car to be added depending on the load. Despite the added length, there is very little weight added, allowing you to maximize your load. Like our other units, the 9106-48 EZ has our Truck Hauler Package and Winter Tarp Package as available options.

Boydstun 9108-53 HMEZ

Boydstun’s 9108-53 HMEZ can haul 6 trucks or up to 8 cars thanks to the addition of the hydraulic lift at the front of the belly; found only on the Boydstun High Mount. The 9108-53 HMEZ has our Truck Hauler Package standard and our Winter Tarp Package as an available option.

Accessories and Optional Packages


Yellow straps for Boydstun trailers

Designed for durability and longevity, Boydstun’s PVC- coated strap assembly is made in our Portland, Oregon facility. We have improved the shape of our swivel hook, eliminating sharp edges that can cause damage. It can also fit into tight spaces giving you more strap down options.

Winter Tarp Package

Boydstun Winter Tarp Package

Made to span the entire length of the trailer, our Winter Tarp system protects your cargo from debris and other potential hazards as you travel down the road. Specifically designed for ease of access to sections of the trailer, our Winter Tarp system allows you to simply lift a handle and lay down a section of the tarp without having to remove it.

Truck Hauler Package

Boydstun Truck Hauler Package

Boydstun’s truck hauler option is available on all Stinger-Steer models, as well as our High-Mount trailers. Our drop pockets between the tandems have three height settings for different size vehicles giving you versatility for both truck and cab chassis or low spoiler car loads.

New & Used Inventory

We are happy to offer our assistance in helping sell your used truck and/or trailer. Our platform connects you with a targeted audience of buyers specifically interested in trucks and trailers, ensuring maximum exposure and increased chances of a successful sale. 

How it works

• Listing Creation: Reach out to our sales team and they will provide you with a form to fill out with the necessary details in selling your truck and trailer. By providing us with details and photos we’ll create a compelling listing that showcases its strengths. 

• Marketing: We’ll leverage our platform and marketing channels to promote your listing to our network of potential buyers, maximizing visibility and interest.

• Buyer Engagement: We will put your contact information on the post so you can personally negotiate and make arrangements that work best for you.

• Posting Removal: Just contact our sales team with any updated information and they will promptly edit your listing.


New and used Boydstun car hauler trailers
Winter tarp accessory for Boydstun trailers

Parts Catalog

We are working on getting a new parts catalog posted. In the meantime, please contact our sales department by call, text, or email and they will be more than happy to help you with any questions.

Never wonder if you can get a part. We take pride in helping our operators stay on the road.

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