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Boydstun 9108-53 HMEZ

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Day cab w/Boydstun's 9106-44 EZ trailer compared to Sleeper w/Boydstun's 9106-48 EZ trailer
Yellow Boydstun 9106-48-EZ 80-foot car carrier

Unmatched versatility

Product Details:

• Load Capacity: 6-8 vehicles
• Length: 53′
• Width: 102″
• Empty Weight: 20500 lbs
• Tongue can be loaded from both the upper and lower decks


TIREMAAX® Pro Tire Inflation System
• Corrosion-resistant marine-grade electrical wire
Bendix® disc brakes
Boydstun PVC-coated straps: 14′, 12′ and 10′ with Boydstun swivel hooks
• Crossbar securement points
• BlueTork capability for torquing suspension (ask our sales team for details)
• Air weight gauges
• See more innovative design features here

Boydstun offers this trailer standard with Boydstun’s Rapid Ratchet™ system. The 9108-53 HMEZ also comes standard with Boydstun’s Truck Hauler Package and our Winter package is an available option.

*Includes a full floor

Safety first

When it comes to transporting valuable vehicles, safety is paramount. Boydstun’s trailers come equipped with our fully loaded Truck Hauler Package, marker lights (available in 3/4″ or 1-1/4″) and back up alarms with strobe light warnings. This trailer also features a rear pullout lightbar for extra safety and clearance between your load and cars traveling behind you on the road. Our positive lock Quick Release Pawls make tightening down and releasing the straps a breeze. We make all ratchet straps in- house with specialty PVC coated material to prevent them from getting waterlogged and losing mobility when gliding over the tire for a strong, no slack hold. The Boydstun 9108-53-HMEZ prioritizes safety with its superior disc brakes and TIREMAAX® Pro Tire Inflation System. All trailers come with an overlift to give you more clearance and a dump to optimize loading angles.

Light-weight Boydstun 9106-48-EZ car hauler trailer
Boydstun 9106-48-EZ car hauler belly, deck, and trailer frame structure

Easy maintenance

The 9108-53-HMEZ is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Take advantage of the trailer’s main electrical distribution fuse box. The main electrical distribution fuse box is conveniently located on the inside of the tandem axle. Not only is it easily accessible, but we have also lined the box with a weather resistant color coated map. The fuse panel is split into 12 different circuits. If one of the fuses needs replacing it won’t affect all the surrounding lights. For instance, if a bottom taillight goes out the top taillights will be fulling functional because they are connected to a different fuse. No more down time due to one fuse going out and affecting all the lights on the trailer. We use 10-amp fuses on the trailer to also ensure that there won’t be a large power surge that could blow one of the truck’s fuses out.

We use Bendix® disc brakes to extend your brake life and decrease your stopping distance. The combination of the disc brakes and TIREMAAX® Pro Tire Inflation System nearly doubles your tire’s life.