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Boydstun 9106-44/48 EZ

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Day cab w/Boydstun's 9106-44 EZ trailer compared to Sleeper w/Boydstun's 9106-48 EZ trailer
Side view of Boydstun's 9106-44 EZ car carrier trailer
Rear view of Boydstun's 9106-44 EZ car carrier
Yellow Boydstun 9106-48-EZ 80-foot car carrier

Product Details

Boydstun has released the 9106-48-EZ 80-foot unit*. This unit adds five more feet in length with one foot in the tractor, three feet between the kingpin and first trailer axle and another foot between the last trailer axle and bumper of the trailer. Coupled with a sleeper style truck full of fuel, this combination empty weighs 42,170 lbs.*

Boydstun offers this trailer with 3-car and 3.5-car head racks. We also offer this trailer in a 44-foot length (9106-44-EZ). Both models come standard with Boydstun’s Rapid Ratchet™ system. Boydstun’s Truck Hauler package and Winter package are available options.

*Includes a full floor

*Includes two-foot sliding Jost greaseless 5th wheel

Lighter Weight

Boydstun’s 9106-48-EZ Trailer incorporates a cambered main frame rail that is 27-feet long and uses HSLA material that is 130,000 PSI. That is almost four times stronger than standard tubing. This not only reduces weight, but it also provides easy access to hydraulic, air and electric lines, while keeping them out of the way of moving decks and road debris.

This frame rail is light enough that relief cut outs used to reduce weight are not needed. This provides protection from rock and flying road debris year-round. Additionally, winter packages for this trailer are minimal in size and easy to use.

Light-weight Boydstun 9106-48-EZ car hauler trailer
Boydstun 9106-48-EZ car hauler belly, deck, and trailer frame structure

New and Improved Belly Positions

The belly positions (#7-#8) on Boydstun’s 9106-48-EZ and 9106-44-EZ units use hydraulics in the rear and middle to help create smoother transitions. With the right vehicle, Boydstun utilizes transition flippers that aid in driving up and over the tongue to park the vehicle on the tongue’s extensions. This takes advantage of unused space and adds another vehicle that may not fit otherwise. The transition flippers also fold down flat to accommodate larger vehicles when height becomes an issue on positions #3 and #7, lowering the #7 vehicle five inches.

Boydstun’s deck structure and trailer frame structure is designed to prevent tire damage while creating the widest amount of drive through room possible.