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Boydstun 9107-46 QL

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Design for Boydstun 9107-46 QL car hauler trailer
Side view of Boydstun trailer design for 9107-46 QL car hauler trailer
Rear view of Boydstun 9107-46 QL vehicle transport trailer

Designed with the input of our users, Boydstun’s 9107-46 QL trailer is built to take advantage of the extra length to increase load capacity while improving ease of use. Our quality components and enhanced design produce trailers with longevity and performance our users demand.

Product Details

  • Load Capacity: 9-10 w/headrack
  • Length: 46’ (78’ w/headrack)
  • Width: 102”
  • Empty weight: 44,170 w/sleeper truck and full fuel
  • Loaded weight: 80,000 lbs.


Deck view of Boydstun 9107-46 QL car hauler

Boydstun 9107-46 QL Features


  • On-demand hydraulic system
  • Air weight gauges
  • Shotgun/bonus deck
  • Rock guards
  • TIREMAAX® system
  • Corrosion-resistant marine-grade electrical wire
  • Bendix disc brakes


  • Adjustable light bars
  • Crossbar securement points
  • BlueTork for torquing suspension
  • Strap, height stick, and tie down storage
  • Jost 5th wheel
  • Cambered crossbars
  • Rapid Ratchet system

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Improved Deck and Hydraulic Function

We evaluated every deck position to improve range of motion and ease of use while taking advantage of the extra length. Our redesigned 8A position is able to give 9107-46 QL a “bonus” deck when you need it but won’t penalize you when you don’t. Vehicles loaded in the belly now have more room to open doors. We also eliminated all double handle controls on the hydraulics for smoother functionality.


Lighter Weight Frame

Boydstun has eliminated all fabricated tubing frame rails (45 KSI material) and replaced them with formed, one-piece Strenx 900 frame rails (130 KSI material). This provides increased strength, lighter weight, and better access to hydraulic hoses, air lines, electrical harnesses, and marker lights when you need to perform maintenance. Boydstun’s formed Strenx frame rails have drain holes every 24″ and are accessible for Boydstun to paint and allow you to pressure wash out debris. Because moisture and debris can’t collect, our formed and painted rails are rust-resistant and longer-lasting.

Green Boydstun trailer loaded with 10 cars
View of bonus deck above truck cab of Boydston auto transport trailer

BlueTork for Torquing Suspension

With help from Ingersoll, Boydstun developed a torque spec and tool access to allow our suspensions to be torqued with a BlueTork tool. These tools are used at every GCR tire center, so when you have your wheels checked, you can now check the torque of your suspension. This will increase the life of your bushings and tires, and will help you comply with manufacturers standards.


Boydstun’s Rapid Ratchet Comes Standard

Boydstun’s advanced ratcheting system makes use of a quick-release pawl that unlocks with a slight pull of your tie-down bar. Use the sliding collar to position your strap where you want it and insert the tie-down bar into the winch assembly to tighten and secure your load in seconds.

Upgrade Your Hauler with Innovative Additions

Truck Hauler Package

Created to maximize truck and cab chassis loads while also providing accessibility for low spoilers and front ends, Boydstun’s design incorporates a set of drop pockets. Each of the pockets has three different height settings for different size vehicles to maximize load efficiency. An extendable ICC/brake light bar on the number 5 position provides better visibility for vehicles following the car hauler. Our innovative slide-out decks, when in use, sit flush with the position 5 deck, maximizing your load height. Additionally, the flush slideout decks prevent spoilers from clipping the trailer when loading.

Boydstun Truck Hauler Package
Boydstun Winter Tarp Package

Winter Tarp Package

Our tarp system is made from a PVC coated polyester with welded hems for reinforcement. Spanning the entire length of the trailer, the tarps aid in protecting your cargo from debris and other objects you could encounter out on the road. It’s easy entry design allows you to access the desired section of your trailer by simply lifting a handle and laying down a section of the tarp, saving you the time and effort of removing it completely.


Made exclusively in our Clackamas, Oregon facility, our PVC-coated strap assembly is designed for durability and longevity. Our improved swivel hook eliminates sharp edges that can cause damage while fitting into tight spaces, so you have more strap down options.

Yellow straps for Boydstun trailers

Why Buy Boydstun

Boydstun builds with the operator in mind. We specialize in forward thinking car haulers that integrate our customer’s input to create products that have flexibility, incredible hauling capacity, and user-friendly design all while keeping weight down. Every Boydstun trailer and application are engineered specifically to maximize efficiency and performance to keep you on the road.

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