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Boydstun’s Rapid Ratchet™ with Quick Release Positive Locking Pawl

Take a look at Boydstun’s Rapid Ratchet™ with quick release positive locking pawl. The winch, which is standard on all new Boydstun head rack and trailers, includes the following features:

Boydstun Rapid Ratchet™ (see video above)

With low enough resistance that it can be ratcheted by hand, it allows you to tie down and secure the vehicle without removing the tie down bar.

Boydstun Quick Release Pawl with Positive Locking Feature

Boydstun’s quick release pawl releases (using a tie down bar) parallel to the vehicle. This feature avoids the possibility of hitting the vehicle with the tie down bar while releasing the pawl. Our Boydstun positive locking feature (see picture) keeps pressure on the pawl to help keep it engaged. When released, the pawl rides on our slack collar to allow you to pull additional strap off of the winch drum if needed. A quick tap reengages the pawl into the winch gear.

Boydstun Sliding Collar

This feature allows you to quickly align your strap with the vehicle tire and also quickly take up slack.

Easy Maintenance Feature

With just a 7/16 end wrench or socket – you can remove a nylock nut that allows you to replace any damaged part if it ever becomes necessary. The spring for the pawl (see pic) can be changed in just 1 minute if needed.

Boydstun has plated all the winch parts to reduce sticking issues that uneven paint can cause. As the paint comes off from abrasion the assembly starts to rust, causing some of the same issues. Our assembly is plated in yellow zinc which gives you a constant coating – less build up – more abrasion resistance and lasts longer.