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New and used Boydstun car hauler trailers


If you’re looking for car haulers for sale, you’re in the right place. At Boydstun, we specialize in innovative car haulers that are built with the operator in mind – and are intended to integrate maximum performance, incredible hauling capacity, and a simple-to-use design.

If you’re interested in auto transport trailers and car carriers for sale, read on and learn more about our products – and how you can benefit from purchasing car carriers from Boydstun.


Our Car Haulers For Sale

Currently, we have the following range of car haulers for sale:

  • 9107-46 QL – The 9107-46 QL is the latest in our long line of 9107 car carrier trailer models. It is built with high-strength materials and incorporates our 8A deck design. It also comes with improved hydraulic functionality and controls, our Rapid Ratchet™ system and Bendix disc brakes, among other features.
  • 9106-44 EZ – The 9106-44 EZ is a 44-foot long car hauler, which is ideal for day cab car haulers. It utilizes the same high-strength materials as the 9107-46 QL for maximum strength with minimum weight, and utilizes features such as a Holland sliding greaseless 5th wheel, the Rapid Ratchet system, and transition flippers, as well as a wide deck length to make it easy to drive vehicles onto the car carrier trailer.
  • 9106-48 EZ – The 9016-48 EZ is an 80-foot unit, which is ideal for long hauls. Using the latest building techniques, we have managed to add nearly 5 feet of length to this trailer while keeping it nimble, agile, and lightweight.

Whether you need a shorter car carrier for day-trips or a large, maximum-length unit for long hauls, Boydstun is here to help – with a wide range of customizable car carrier trailers built with the latest advancements in design and materials.


What Makes Our Auto Haulers Different

Wondering what makes our car carrier trailer products different, or why you should choose our car haulers for sale? Here is a peek at just a few of the unique systems and features that make Boydstun car carrier trailers the best on the market.

  • On-Demand Hydraulic System – Using the proprietary Boydstun hydraulic system, it is not necessary to constantly pump oil through your trailer valve and head rack system using your power take-off (PTO). The On-Demand Hydraulic System reduces overall heat buildup in your hydraulic oil, which helps increase efficiency when raising and lowering the decks. The result is a system that provides an increase of 85% when raising the cylinder/deck, but does not reduce your ability to meter and measure hydraulic flow for fine-tuned control.
  • Built-in air gauges come standard – Safety is one of our top priorities at Boydstun, and to help you ensure that you do not exceed recommended load standards, we install air weight gauges in all of our head racks and trailers. This allows you to easily determine if your load weight exceeds 34,000 lbs on both the drive axles and trailer axles. We also offer the installation of two extra gauges in the cab, which can allow you to use our sliding 5th wheel to change weight distribution, measure weight impacts caused by fuel use, or keep an eye on snow and ice buildup – without leaving your cab.
  • Sleek stainless steel rock guards – Our stainless steel rock guards have been designed to offer protection while reducing the risk of contacting the trailer during a sharp turn. Using a design that pushes the guard face further into the trailer and a stabilizer bracket, our rock guards combine sleek style with plenty of protection.
  • 8A “bonus deck” – Our 8A bonus deck is balanced over tandems, and is built to be extremely lightweight, easy to adjust, and simple to use. It’s there when you need it – but it won’t get in your way when you don’t need it – making it the perfect bonus deck for hauling vehicles.
  • TIREMAAX® – The Hendrickson TIREMAAX® system ensures that your tire tread life is maximized, even through changing weather conditions. Installed in the bulkhead portion of your unit, it continuously monitors tire pressure and can inflate – or reduce – pressure in your tires automatically, keeping each wheel perfectly balanced. This results in better fuel economy, lower overall maintenance costs, a longer tire lifespan, and enhanced prevention of dangerous tire blowouts due to excessive wear.
  • Rapid Ratchet System – Our Rapid Ratchet system uses a unique design that allows it to be cranked and tightened completely by hand, allowing you to secure the vehicle without removing the tie down bar. In addition, the Boydstun sliding collar ensures simple adjustment, and our quick release pawl with positive locking ensures your straps always remain tightly in place. The Rapid Ratchet System is also plated in yellow zinc for corrosion resistance and can be serviced easily with just a 7/16ths end wrench or socket.
  • Custom-built strap assemblies – Our PVC-coated strap assembly use a unique swivel hook design and reinforcement around the lead hook for better resistance to wear and tear. The swivel hook itself is a custom design which eliminates sharp edges and other parts which could cause damage – and it’s designed to fit into small gaps and spaces where other swivel hooks cannot fit.

That’s just the beginning. Our car carrier trailer products are built with the foremost in design and innovation – and you can learn about our other top features here.


Extra Features And Optional Packages

We offer a number of optional packages and features for our auto transport trailers, including the following:

  • Truck hauler package – The Truck Hauler package is available on all 3 of our auto transport trailers, the 9107-46 QL, 9106-48 EZ, and 9106-44 EZ. This package uses a set of drop pockets, located between the tandems, with 3 adjustable height settings for differently-sized vehicles. This makes it easier to load vehicles with low spoilers or front ends, ensuring maximum loading capacity for your hauler.
  • Winter tarp package – Whether you’re hauling through icy and snowy conditions, or even want to protect your loads in dry, dusty conditions, the winter tarp package is an ideal choice. Using PVC-coated polyester tarps and weld-reinforced hems, our winter tarp package spans the entire length of your trailer and protects all of your cargo from damage. It’s easy to use, can be deployed and removed quickly, and can be custom-built for your vehicle and your auto transport trailer.


Inquire Today For More Information About Boydstun Products

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