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If you need to transport multiple vehicles across a large distance, then you might be looking to buy a car hauler. These trailers are built specifically to hold numerous cars at one time, positioned on both lower and upper levels for maximum use of space.

Car hauler trailers come in a range of shapes and sizes, accommodating specific transportation needs. In most cases, these trailers are used by automotive companies either working on or selling vehicles and who need their inventory to come from great distances.

Having a car hauler is an extremely convenient tool to have, should you require a method that saves both time and money.

If you’re thinking about investing in one of these units, you might be asking yourself, ‘How much does a car hauler trailer cost?’ The answer depends on the type of car hauler trailer you choose, among a list of other factors.

Types of Car Hauler Trailers

The styles of the car haulers available vary, but there are a handful that are very popular and exceptionally well-built. These styles include:

Boydstun 9107-46 QL

This impressive trailer is a new version in the Boydstun line, and its design reflects the input of users of the previous 9107 model.

Using feedback from drivers, the Boydstun 9107-46 QL seeks to improve the quality of the driver’s capabilities, while also offering a model that is longer and more spacious.

The added length of the trailer allows for increased storage and more vehicles; however, the design was meant to offset any potential weight increases that could impact the quality of the drive. The extra length was added while also improving ease of use.

Trailer Specs:

  • Smoother Hydraulics

Double handle controls are no longer an issue with this car hauler trailer.

  • Door Opening Improvements

Doors of cars that are in the belly of the trailer are now easier to access and have a larger space for easy opening. This comes with the new 8A design and the relocation of the hydraulic valve bank.

  • Blue Tork

The suspensions of the trailer are torqued with a Blue Tork tool, which gives drivers the ability to check the torque of their suspension. This can be done at any tire center when a regular tire check is taking place.

As a result, drivers can enjoy a longer life in their bushings and tires, while still complying with manufacturer standards.

  • Improved Frame Design

In the past, Boydstun used a 45 KSI material for frame rails. As an improvement, the trailers are now built with Strenx 900-frame rails, which are a 130 KSI material.

The change has improved the strength of the trailer, as well as providing better access to the hydraulic hoses and air lines. Additionally, it has also removed some of the weight from the frame. The newer material is easier to paint, access, and clean, so the life of the frame promises to be much longer.

Some of the key updates on this model include:


Boydstun 9106-48 EZ

This lengthy car hauler trailer has recently been upgraded, now boasting 80 feet of space for car hauling capabilities. The trailer is available with 3-car and 3.5-car head racks.

In addition to offering an 80-foot option, this trailer can also be found in a 44-foot length (9106-44 EZ.) With both models, the trailer comes with Boydstun’s Rapid Ratchet system, with options to utilize Boydstun’s Truck Hauler Package, and the Winter Package as well.

Trailer Specs:

  • Full floor
  • Two-foot sliding Holland greaseless 5th wheel
  • Cambered Main Frame

This frame is almost four times stronger than regular tubing, and much more lightweight. The lighter framing allows for easier access to things like the hydraulic system and electric lines, while also ensuring they stay out of harm’s way on the road.

  • Improved Belly Positions

The belly positions on both the 9106-48 EZ and the 9106-44 EZ utilize a system of hydraulics in both the rear and middle locations. Transition flippers can be used to add additional space for another car, or they can be lowered to accommodate cars that require more height space.

This spacious new frame is ideal for loading and unloading cars and helps to prevent tire damage.


Car Hauler Trailer Costs

 If you’re wondering how much a car hauler trailer will cost, then we’ll provide you with the info to see if you’re in the market for one of these popular vehicles. While prices vary from dealer to dealer, it’s good to remember that companies that invest more time, energy and money into their design and features often provide you with a safer drive and a longer-lasting vehicle. The prices might be a little higher, but you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Ask about financing deals, which might make it easier for you to get your trailer up and running sooner. Keep in mind that for large haulers and for those built with top quality materials, the more you’re apt to pay. With some companies, there are options to finance these larger haulers, so you’ll be able to pay a more affordable price in monthly increments.

Some things to look for when considering buying a car hauler trailer include:

  • Warranty opportunity

Does your vehicle come with a warranty? If so, how long is it good for and can you add more years to it?

  • Quality of the tires

The tires on a car hauler trailer work exceptionally hard to get your vehicles from one place to another. Poor tire quality not only puts your cargo in danger but your driver as well. Make sure you have the best tires available for the job and have them checked regularly.

  • Tongue length

The length of the tongue on your car hauler will dictate how easy it is to maneuver. This is important since you’re working with a long vehicle that needs to be able to make turns and which can be parked easily.

  • Frame construction

What is the framing made of? Will it rust easily? Will it last a long time? Models like the Boydstun trailers are made with improved materials that promise a stronger, lighter frame.

  • Additional accessories available

This includes things like winter protection, safety features, lighting, etc.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to invest in a car hauler trailer that will perform for many years to come and keep you safe while you’re on the road. Consider the upgrades made in the Boydstun models, to get an idea of how the frame and materials have improved, and how they will make your drive that much simpler and safer.