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If you are in Oregon, Idaho, California or Washington and need assistance with laser cutting steel and aluminum, Boydstun is here to help. We specialize in mild steel laser cutting, stainless steel laser cutting, and aluminum laser cutting, and we can handle the cutting of both flat sheets as well as tubing, I-beams, flat bar, and much more.

At our facility in Clackamas, Oregon, we can process your parts in a single location. Our tube laser has both tapping and etching capabilities. Need a part formed? Utilize our brake press to get a finished part. With Boydstun, you get all-in-one laser cutting services for steel and aluminum. Learn more below or contact us now for more information and to get a quote for your project.

Our Flat Laser Cutting Services

Our newly installed fiber laser allows us to handle mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum laser cutting in a wide variety of thicknesses. Our laser can cut sheets of mild steel with dimensions of up to 83 x 162 inches and, thanks to its high-powered fiber design, it can cut mild steel to a thickness of up to 1”, and up to 1.18” when cutting stainless steel and aluminum.

The fiber laser allows us to provide cost-efficient laser cutting. Thanks to the unique design and high power of this laser, it combines both speed and accuracy during the process of mild steel laser cutting, and when cutting other materials. This results not only in a faster project turnaround time, but a higher-quality finished part.

Additionally, our large cutting table size makes it easy to process and cut large batches of parts to be sent directly back to our customers. Whether you need just a few parts or a large volume of laser-cut components, we can help with our fiber laser.

We’re not just experts in large-scale jobs, either. The ByStar is ideal for smaller jobs, thanks to its tight tolerances and ability to cut even the thinnest-gauge steel. By adjusting its power and using specialized techniques, we can enhance the precision of our laser cutter, and ensure that you get the best cuts with minimal thermal deformation.

And with access to our brake press, we can handle both the cutting of your components, and forming it into a completed part – maximizing speed and convenience and minimizing the cost of your project.

Our Tube Laser Cutting Services

We use a 4,000 watt, 3D, six-axis tube laser, which allows us to process just about any tube or non-flat metal component. From aluminum laser cutting of pipes, to cutting flat bar, I-beams and more, we can handle it all at Boydstun.

Our tube laser is one of the largest on the West Coast, and it can handle raw materials up to 26 feet in length, and complete parts that are nearly equal length – making Boydstun a great option for laser cutting large or oversized parts. Primarily, we cut the following products:

  • Mild steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Round pipe
  • Channel metals
  • Flatbar
  • I-beam
  • Angle iron

Thanks to the six-axis technology used in our laser cutter, we can easily handle parts with chamfers and bevels of up to 45 degrees. We are able to cut round pipe with a diameter of up to 8.6” (and 3/4 wall thickness), and square/rectangle tube up to 6” in diameter.

Additionally, the tube laser has a six-station tapping unit built in. We can drill holes and finish your part without sending it to an outside manufacturing facility. This saves you both time and money, and our dedication to quality assurance will ensure that your parts are made to the tightest possible tolerances, and according to your specifications.

Why Choose Us? The Boydstun Difference

Wondering why you should choose us for stainless steel laser cutting and cutting aluminum and mild steel in Oregon and the surrounding areas? Learn more about the Boydstun difference below and see why we’re an ideal manufacturing and processing partner for your company.

  • Decades of expertise – We work with only the most experienced laser cutting technicians. Our crew of manufacturing experts have decades of experience in the field and can adjust our equipment to provide the very highest quality and results. Whether you need a small pipe to be cut or need a mass run of pressed flat steel components, our team members have the skills and expertise required to provide you with the best results.
  • Quality assurance – Every pipe or flat sheet we cut goes through a comprehensive, multi-step quality assurance process to ensure it meets your most exacting specifications, matches required tolerances and is free of errors and defects. We accept nothing less than the best results, so you can trust us to always deliver thoroughly-checked, high-quality parts.
  • High-quality equipment – We have invested in top quality laser cutting systems to ensure that we always give our customers the best results. We have one of the largest tube laser systems on the West Coast, as well as a powerful and versatile flat sheet fiber laser – and we’ve also invested in the latest processing and material handling equipment. The end result is a streamlined manufacturing process that saves our customers both time and money.
  • Quick turnaround time – Unlike die presses, laser cutters require no retooling, and our laser cutters are high-powered and able to cut through thick materials with ease. We offer quick turnaround times on all of your orders, particularly for small-batch orders which benefit from the short manufacturing lead time provided by our laser equipment.
  • Materials purchasing available – If you would like Boydstun to handle the process of acquiring raw materials, we can purchase materials for your parts based on your specifications. We have a network of providers who offer the highest-quality metals for reasonable prices, and we guarantee the quality of the materials that we purchase for your company.

All of these benefits add up to one thing – better results at a lower cost. Whether you’re in California, Oregon, Idaho or Washington, Boydstun is here to help you manufacture the components you need for less, and to provide you with fast, economical, and reliable service.

Learn More By Contacting Boydstun Today

Whether you’re in need of flat steel laser cutting services, or tube laser cutting services in Oregon, Boydstun is the best option. With our advanced equipment, dedication to lean and efficient manufacturing processes, and in-house tooling with our brake press for flat sheets and six-station tapping unit for steel and aluminum tubing, we can offer you cost-effective, convenient service.

To learn more and get started, you can contact Boydstun online now, give us a call at 503-849-2548, or email us at robbyb@boydstun.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.