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If you need tube laser services in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or California, Boydstun is here to help. At our facility in Oregon, we serve our customers with the best custom laser tube cutting services. We are dedicated to providing superior results and fast turnover times. Thanks to our expert equipment operators and powerful six-axis laser, we can handle tube fabrication and tube construction jobs of just about any size up to 26’. To learn more, read on below, or contact us online now to inquire about working with Boydstun for laser tube cutting services.

Understanding Laser Tube Cutting – Our Specialized Services

Laser tube cutting is quite different from traditional, flat sheet laser cutting, and it’s a much more specialized field. There are a number of reasons for this – so let’s discuss them now.

  • Material types and shapes – Sheet laser cutting must only be performed on one type of surface – a flat sheet. The material type and thickness of the sheet may vary, but the base material being cut is always a simple sheet.

    This is not the case with laser tube cutting. Diverse materials and shapes must be cut – from round piping to I-beams, flat bar and much more. Compared to a flat laser cutting system, a laser tube cutting system must be built to accommodate a much wider range of products and base materials when creating parts.

  • Variety of sizes – Not only do the types and shapes of base materials vary, but so does the length and width of the material. A laser tube cutting machine must be able to cut a 2-inch diameter, 10-foot pipe in one moment – then cut through a thick, 20-foot long I- beam in the next. This makes it much more challenging to provide a consistent cut, so specialized and experienced equipment operators are required to ensure the best results.
  • Varying product quality – This is especially important when working with tubing in particular. Different types of tubing may vary quite a bit in quality – and be more or less out-of-round or buckled. Things like bowed-out tubing or raised weld seams must be taken into account when cutting the tubing to ensure a proper cut.
  • Weld seam identification – Many inexpensive types of metal tubing have a weld seam, which must be taken into account to ensure it does not interfere with part production and the placement of holes, pins or other such necessary cutouts and components. The laser cutter must also be fine-tuned to cut through the weld seam properly and evenly.
  • Laser power – Lasers used for cutting through pipe and other such materials are actually lower in power than those used for cutting flat sheets. Flat sheet lasers often deliver 12 kW of energy or more, while laser tube cutting systems usually top out a 5 kW. This is because a high-powered laser runs the risk of cutting through the material completely and scoring or cutting the other side – to prevent this, a lower-power unit is required.
  • Loading and unloading – Properly loading and unloading such a diversity of materials can be very difficult. Different-sized parts – often made out of softer materials like aluminum – must be properly loaded and unloaded without damage, and with an eye on speed and efficiency to keep production times low.

For all of these reasons, laser tube cutting is highly specialized – but if you need a laser tube production partner in Oregon or its neighboring states, you’re in the right place. At Boydstun, we use the best equipment and most experienced operators to provide high-quality laser tube cutting services in Oregon and the surrounding states.

Our Laser – Providing Better Performance And Faster Turnover Times

The key to our success in laser tube cutting is our 4,000 watt, 3D, six-axis tube laser, which is one of the largest on the West Coast. Our tube laser allows us to process just about any custom cutting job, whether for manufacturing, equipment crafting, architectural purposes, or any other industry.

The six-axis technology of our laser allows us to complete parts with chamfers as well as bevels up to 45 degrees in angle, and our laser integrates a six-station tapping unit, so we can streamline the process of cutting and finishing your part by eliminating additional processing. In turn, this leads to lower overall production costs and faster service.

Our laser cutting unit can handle raw materials of up to 26 feet in length and create a finished part of nearly equal length – making Boydstun one of the best options for laser tube cutting of lengthy and oversized parts. Thanks to our laser services, you can get the parts you need, even if they are too long for other manufacturers.

Materials Processed – See Our Capabilities For Yourself

Primarily, we process steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with tube laser cutting at our facility. You may supply us with the materials you wish to use, or Boydstun will choose a supplier upon request, and ensure that you get the best, highest-quality materials on the market. Our most commonly-processed metals and materials include:

  • Mild steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Angle iron
  • Channel steel
  • Round pipe
  • Flat bar
  • I-beam

Our laser cutting unit cut both rectangular and square tubing products that are up to 6 inches in diameter. For round tubing and pipes, we typically can cut to a diameter of up to 8.6” and up to a ¾” wall thickness for a straight cut.

For more information about our current cutting capabilities and to determine if your part is a good fit for tube laser cutting at Boydstun, we recommend contacting a sales representative at your earliest convenience. In addition, if you would like to cut a material that is not listed above, you should contact us with an inquiry right away.

We are always happy to listen to your needs and specifications, and help you understand if our laser services are right for you – or if you would be better off with another manufacturing partner.

We Serve Customers In Oregon, Washington, Idaho And California

Boydstun is located in Oregon, and typically serve customers in the Pacific Northwest and Northwestern United States, as well as some parts of Northern California.

However, we occasionally provide services to businesses who are located outside of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. If you believe that we are the best option for your tube laser cutting needs and you are located outside of our service area, don’t hesitate to contact us. Depending on your budget and needs, we may still be able to provide you with the tube construction and tube fabrication services you need.

For more information, to schedule a consultation, or to ask a question about our processing capabilities, please get in touch with or team now. You can contact us online, give us a call at 503-849-2548, or send us an email at robbyb@boydstun.com for more information.