Boydstun Releases New Strap Assembly Equipped With New Swivel Hook

Product Details

Boydstun will manufacture its new tie-down and hook assembly at its facility in Portland, Oregon. The new assembly incorporates the following features:

Color coded lengths — (8’ Orange, 10’ Yellow, 12’ Red) make it easier for drivers to identify strap lengths. It also makes reordering easy.

• Durable material to improve wear/longevity.

• Reinforcement around the lead hook end for improved wear.

Boydstun’s new swivel hook — Designed and manufactured by Boydstun, this hook improves the physical shape of a swivel hook, eliminating sharp edges and parts that can cause damage. Additionally, its size allows it to fit in areas that current swivel hooks cannot fit. Its profile makes it much less likely to cause damage to a tire if it's run over.

Pricing and Availability

8’ (Orange) - $15.00

10’ (Yellow) - $15.50

12’ (Red) - $16.00

Boydstun's new tie-down strap assembly is available now. Click here to submit a direct order or call Mitch Nelson at 971-300-3245. For inquiries, please fill out our contact form